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We are Antex Electronic Corp. which is engaged in the manufacture of a high quality of

TV Modulators

which is made using the best quality of raw materials available in the market. These are designed and manufactured as per various national and international standards of quality and safety. We make sure that the products are manufactured as per the standard set by regulatory bodies.
  • TV Demodulator - MDA-860
    MDA-860 : TV Demodulator
    MDA-860 is a TV demodulator that recovers base band video and audio signal from RF signal in frequency range of 50MHz to 860MHz.  One of three channel plans which are off-air, standard CATV and HRC can be chosen.  High reliability micoprocessor provides excellent stability PLL tuning.  Important video parameters are compaensated.  Audio output is wide band width and compatible with BTSC stereo.

    Full Frequency Range from 50MHz to 860MHz, Off-air Channel Plan, Standard or HRC CATV Channel Plan
    Micro-processor PLL Control Tuning, EEROM Status Memory
    Low Video Distortion
    BTSC Stereo Compatible


  • Frequency Agile Modulator - MA-860
    MA-860 : Frequency Agile Modulator
    The MA-860 is a PLL synthesized, SAW filtered, frequency agile modulator. It offers 135 TV channels at an output of 45dBmV. This exceptional unit is manufactured and tested to the highest standards and complies with all FCC requirements. MA-860 covers all cable channels from 2 through 136 (54-860 MHz) including A-5 to A-1. VHF and HRC are also available. Channel selection is accomplished with "user friendly" up/down controls on the front panel. The selected channel is then automatically locked into memory to insure correct operation after a power failure. MA-860 consists of 12 individual, vertically mounted, frequency agile modulators and an efficient switching type power supply module mounted in one 3-1/2" high housing. It is designed for 19" rack mounting. Each modulator is SAW filtered and is factory set to the desired channel and proper offset. Recessed front panel controls are preset, at the factory, for 87.5% depth of modulation, ±25 kHz audio deviation, and -15dBc video audio ratio. RF is set at maximum. It offers excellent video performance and high reliability in a 2U rack.

    +45dBmV RF output level
    Microprocessor Up/Down button to select output channel in the range of 2 to 136
    FCC offset externally selectable, 0kHz, +12.5kHz or +25kHz
    >-60dB spurious performance at a video output level of 45dBmV
    Professional grade SAW vestigial sideband filter for true adjacent channel operation
    IRC and HRC available
    3 year warranty
    UL Listed Canada/U.S.
    BTSC stereo compatible


  • Agile Modulator - AM-862  AGILE MODULATOR
    AM-862 AGILE MODULATOR : Agile Modulator
    AM-862 is a high quality agile modulator that designed for primary CATV headend application.  The non-volatile memory ensure proper operation after power failure.  Both video and audio carriers are PLL synthesized which provides ultimate accuracy and stability.  AM-862 is constructed with an  proprietary SAW filter that achieves true VSB response and remove harmonics.  The superior performance or AM-862 makes it the best choice for high density multiple channels CATV headend application.

    48 MHz to 860 MHz Agile Controlled by Advance Micro-processor
    Non-volatile Memory Keep operation Status and Fine Tune Information
    +60 dBmV (typ.)RF Output Capability at Low Distortion Products
    High Performance SAW Vestigial Sideband Filter Assure Ultimate Performance Comply
    Composite audio-video IF loop


    CP-30 is high quality agile-in and agile-out high performance TV signal processor that fit the primary CATV headend application.  The input section is carefully designed to achieve the sides dynamic range and the lowest noise figure.  The PLL controlled tuning by advanced microprocessor provide off-air or CATV STD/HRC channel access.  The input tuning covers the full range of 50MHz to 860MHz.  The agile output ranging from 50MHz to 860MHz (CH2 to CH136) is controlled by another PLL circuit with 12.5KHz or 25KHz offset. Both input and output channel are memorized in a non-volatile memory that can be restored automatically after power failure. SAW filter that works on composite IF frequency cuts all spurious signal 60dB down.

    +60 dBmV RF Output Level with Low Spurious Response.
    Microprocessor controlled PLL Tuning from 50 MHz to 860 MHz with off-air or CATV STO/HRC freqauency plan.
    Microporcessor controlled PLL Synthesized output from 50 MHz to 860 MHz CATV STD/HRC, 12.5 KHz or 25 KHz offset.
    Non-volatile Channel Memory Automatically Restore the Last Opeating Status when Power Failure.
    Both Input and Output are Digital Channel Reading with UP/DOWN/STORE Makes Installation and Munitions Easy.
    ±20 dB AGC Range Totally Eliminates Influence of Input Signal Level Change.
    Professional Grade SAW Vestigial Sideband Filter for True Adjacent Channel Operation.
    External Composite IF Loop-Through is provided for Scramble or IF Insertion.
    Comply with U/L and Other Safety Regulation.


We export top quality TV Modulators which meet international standards. We can supply at any required quantity at a very competitive price regularly, packing as per buyers advice. Kindly contact us for specification and quotation.
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